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For You, Your Family, and Your Employees.

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Lynn Stokes

Healthcare Benefits Consultant

The healthcare system in the US is broken.

The ACA (Obamacare) which promised lower costs for healthcare, has caused the rates to go up for most people and the quality of the plans to go down. For you, your family, and company employees to be successful in your quest for affordable health coverage, you need the help of someone who can assist in navigating the healthcare landscape.

The wrong decision when purchasing a healthcare plan can cost you thousands of dollars down the road, and possibly leave you with huge debt or financial burden.Β 

Let me show you what your best options are based on your unique situation!

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Find your perfect benefits

Les us show you how to substantially reduce the amount you pay for health insurance and also lower the cost of using your plan.

Family Health Coverage

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Obtain dependable, unlimited healthcare coverage with a much lower deductible and lower out of pocket expense. Drastically lower your monthly premiums!

Employee Health Coverage

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Strong benefits can help tremendously with employee retention. It is one thing to offer health coverage to your employees, but If they can’t afford to insure their family members or can’t afford to pay the high deductibles, you will not be doing the best service for your employees. We can not only solve these problems but lower the bottom line cost of your healthcare benefits. Also, offer the ability of employees to add their families to their coverage at an affordable rate. Save your company thousands of dollars each year, stabilize your costs and give your employees benefits that they value and want to keep.

Realize Incredible Savings

We can usually reduce your healthcare costs by 40-60% ….and actually improve your benefits and reduce your cost of using your plan!

Available Throughout Texas

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Let us give you a second opinion and show you how to dramatically reduce your monthly healthcare costs!


What my Clients Say

"Lynn and Smart Choice Benefits find great solutions to your insurance needs and can with a large savings to your current carriers!"

Kassie Soldano

Clearview Bookkeeping

"Thank you Lynn, for the great alternative to "Obama Care." We really like our new Dr. at Cibolo Family Medicine, Dr.Hodnet, MD. He has done more for us in 6 months than the doctor we had for the last 12 years did combined. We are so glad we joined Smart Choice!"

Melissa Martinez

Allen's Foundation Solutions

"I have known Lynn since about 2002 and I have always been impressed with his high standards of professionalism and how he goes the extra mile to take care of his clients. "

Wes Stevens

Life Agent

"Lynn did an amazing job getting my family great health care coverage and savings us a ton of money! I highly recommend!"

Jennifer Silberberg

ADS Data Solutions

"Lynn is an expert in his field and customizes packages to fit his customer's needs. Cut your healthcare costs dramatically while maintaining excellent coverage!"

Jill Lauderdale

Boxdrop Matresses

"Highly recommend Lynn Stokes for company benefits. We have used him for years."

Randall Williams

ARP Roofing

"Smart choice benefits has provided us amazing coverage options that offer more coverage at a 30% reduction in costs. We can’t recommend them enough to anyone tired of paying more for less coverage!"

Adam Blackler

Restoration One

"Lynn will show you how to retire with TAX-Free income. Be sure to call him. "

Steven Johnson

401K Alternative

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